The Heartland Collection: Dream On

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Although I did not grow up on a farm, I was lucky enough that my best friend did.  As a child, my most magical times of pure imagination occurred on this farm where anything was possible.  As our first big launch, it became our focus to try and create a collection that would heighten the senses of everyone’s inner child, a collection that would open the door of the mind to simpler times.  This experience even made me stop and question as to the moment that I myself stopped looking at dandelions as conquests, instead of simply as weeds, and so I took a moment to reflect and write the following.

Heartland is Delos’ nod to the American dream, or “the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved,” and the ingenuity and craftsmanship that this ideal represents.  Although Delos has been in business for twenty years, I feel that the Heartland Collection is our chance to offer valued customers and friends an inward look at who we really are.  Delos is a privately owned company that is headquartered in the South, right in the hub of textiles.  We got our start at manufacturing ten years back, during a down economy, desperate to have access to speed of delivery.  In doing so, were able to hire a team of skilled craftspeople who had lost their jobs to overseas manufacturing.  So here we were, a blended family of dreamers.


For years Delos has been focused on completing custom area rug projects.  In an effort to make the custom collaboration easier, we hired Kate Cave as Delos’ design concierge.  What occurred though was magical, as my experience in product development partnered perfectly with Kate’s in design, and together we couldn’t help but create trend forward collections to provide as beacons of light amidst the vast land of custom.

Once we decided on the spirit of the Heartland Collection, it became apparent that the construction that we were choosing had to be perfectly suited.  We challenged ourself to create a construction with a hand-crafted appeal that was unique, one that capitalized on the attributes that both 100% New Zealand Wool and 100% Regenerated ECONYL Nylon have to offer.  Wool is hypoallergenic, regulates noise and moisture, is flame retardant, and recycle-able.  ECONYL is 100% regenerated from recovered fishnets, spent carpets, and nylon waste, and offers an array of saturated colors and shimmery metallics that meet commercial wear specifications.  Our choice was to blend these two yarns to create a construction that heightened the sense of touch, and I am confident that we did.

I feel that 2020 made all of us re-access our lives and what mattered.  I even think that memories have become more memorable as a result of slowing down.  I think that this experience has given most a better appreciation of the simpler things.  I am grateful that Delos has continued to prosper.  I am especially grateful that it helped me to put family first, and get off of the road.

This experience has not only made me appreciate what we have, but it has also made me recognize what others do not.  I am aware that foodbank lines have lengthened, and I cannot imagine the hardship that local restaurants have endured.  To me, part of appreciating what you have is doing your part to remedy what others do not.  For this reason, Delos has decided to give ten meals thru the Feeding America non-profit organization, for every live Heartland launch attendee at Noon on Wednesday, May 12th.  Delos will additionally draw for $100 gift cards to benefit local restaurants of each winner’s choosing. 

It is our hope that our live collection launches not only inspire each of us creatively, but additionally that they are mindful and helpful with the needs of others.  When many of us think about the definition of the word heartland, we immediately think of the central part of the United States.  The word heartland also means: the center of support for a belief or movement, and so this is why we felt that this collection name was so perfectly suited. 

Dream On.


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